Webinar: The Role of ESSER in Funding Campus Automation & Security

Massive federal funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) is on its way to districts and schools across the country. With $122 billion in funding, the ARP provides unprecedented resources for K-12 schools to safely and securely resume in-person schooling this fall and beyond. This important webinar will equip superintendents and administrators with the essential

Webinar: Modernizing Attendance & Safety on K-12 Campuses

As schools strive to create learning environments that are safe, joyful, and efficient, applying an analytical lens on time and energy spent on attendance will help guide informed decisions on the current process and procedures surrounding attendance. Join Dr. Dave Blaiklock, former Head of Research at K12 Insight, and Jimmy Cudzilo, current CIO at Miami Country

Key Findings: How Schools are Redesigning School Operations to Reduce COVID Exposure this Fall

Key School Reopening Statistics

This fall, schools will return to a very different world and be faced with a completely new set of health challenges. To help, SchoolPass surveyed over 1,100 schools to gauge COVID-19 concerns, plans, and ideas. This presentation explains the key findings and will help your school prepare to minimize COVID-19.

Johns Hopkins Debuts Center for Safe and Healthy Schools

Johns Hopkins Debuts Center for Safe and Healthy Schools With increased urgency following years of devastating school shootings, the attention of educators is now intently focused on ensuring students’ safety and health.  The threats to students today are unprecedented in American history. Gun violence is only the most concerning of many complex issues that include