A Lockdown Averted: A threat on campus. A staff with the right tools to handle it.

Dr. Seth Powell, Principal at Burleigh Park Middle School, found himself in the middle of his worst-case scenario. A genuine threat was on his school campus in the form of an upset former spouse of one of his employees.

But Dr. Powell was calm. A full lockdown was not needed. Why? Because he had predicted it, he had the tools to prepare for it, and the threat never came close to his school building. Flash to two weeks prior. One of Dr. Powell’s teachers alerted the school staff team of a personal threat she had received from an ex-husband. The team decided to leave nothing to chance. Dr. Powell put a traffic alert for the ex-spouse’s vehicle information into the school’s SchoolPass traffic alert system – hopeful to never have to use it.

The preparation, unfortunately, was necessary. Fill out the form below to get the full story on how the Burleigh Park Middle School team sprung into action to diffuse the situation using the SchoolPass platform.