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Taking a Proactive Approach to School Violence

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Get a Head Start

Patented StudentSafe™ technology gives your Behavioral Threat Assessment (BTA) teams a head start with access to a student’s full chronology already in the system.

Whether an assessment is escalated from a concern or initiated outright within StudentSafe, authorized team members can access a student’s chronology to understand prior concerns, threat assessments, interventions, progress and more. This can help teams identify root causes for threatening behavior more quickly.

Choose Your Methodology

Comprehensive School Threat Assessment Guidelines (CSTAG)

  • Created by Dewey G. Cornell, Ph.D.
  • Uses a 5-step structured process and decision tree
  • Evidence-based and peer reviewed
  • Raptor is a certified partner of Dr. Cornell and is authorized to include his methodology in StudentSafe

National Threat Assessment Center (NTAC) – aka Federal Model

  • Created by the US Secret Service and the National Threat Assessment Center
  • Uses 11 open-ended questions
  • Based on empirical research

Salem-Keizer Cascade

  • Created by John Van Dreal
  • Combination of structured and open-ended questions
  • Focuses on collaboration throughout the school community
  • Derived from practice within a school setting

Customize Your Approach

  • Easily modify any existing methodology
  • Do-it-yourself technology puts the power in your hands to edit existing forms, workflows, terminology and more!
  • Start from scratch and create your own
  • Add custom guidance and tips to help ensure consistency
  • Build in checks for notifications such as outside agencies and parents

Help Teams be Successful

The key to a successful BTA program is a focused multi-disciplinary team approach to helping students move off a path toward violence. This is not a simple endeavor, but StudentSafe provides the systematic workflow as well as a host of tools to help teams create a collaborative, student-centered program.

Assign tasks

Distribute work across the team so everyone knows their assignments, deadlines and next steps.

Set Reminders

Keep focused on the details and be prepared for progress checks and follow ups.

Document progress

Keep track of which interventions are most successful for a student and make sure nobody falls off the radar

Share information

Four-dimensional provisioning provides security and flexibility. Removing information silos is a primary goal for successful BTA teams.

Collaborate with team members

From task support to safety planning, the ability for teams to collaborate cannot be understated. StudentSafe provides a centralized, secure way for teams to do their best work.

Track Progress, Impact and Resources

From the individual student level to the entire district, StudentSafe provides the data you need for important decision-making.  

  • Dashboards provide key metrics at-a-glance 
  • Reporting across every data point helps inform counselors, team member and administrators 
  • Quickly determine trends, gaps, resource requirements and more 

Reduce Liabilities on Multiple Levels

See potential problems much further upstream
Follow consistent, proven processes
Document in a secure, central repository

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