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The Leading School Bus Ridership Management Software

Get the right student on the right bus with SchoolPass. Real-time bus boarding manifests, complete ridership visibility, and capacity management.

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Real-time manifests for simplified school bus student tracking

Changes automatically update bus manifests and are communicated to transportation staff, teachers, and the front office in real-time. Your staff simply check each student off as they board from an easy-to-use bus boarding attendance app.
Parents can receive notifications when their child boards and departs. If a child is unexpectedly absent, you’ll be immediately alerted.

An easy-to-use bus attendance app for parents

Today’s parents run their lives from phones. With the SchoolPass app, parents can easily add or remove their child from a bus based on school ridership rules.
Parents also use the SchoolPass app for daily attendance updates, arrival and dismissal changes, and much more.
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Manage school bus capacity and reduce busing costs

Budgets are tight and busing is expensive. SchoolPass provides detailed school bus student ridership reporting that allows you to maximize bus capacity and plan more efficient routes. This reporting can also be used to quickly and accurately bill parents.
Additionally, you can monitor the status of each bus and student in real-time. 

SchoolPass Bus Boarding Software Features

School Bus Attendance App

Real-time Ridership Manifests

Ridership Reporting

Capacity Management

Boarding Alerts for Parents

Usage-based Billing

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