SchoolPass’ core solution quickly allows a school to save front office time, streamline dismissal and enable parental changes to student schedules to flow easily, in real time, to all stakeholders (administrators, teachers and other affiliated parents).



A Lockdown Averted: A threat on campus. A staff with the right tools to handle it.

A Lockdown Averted: A threat on campus. A staff with the right tools to handle it. Dr. Seth Powell, Principal at Burleigh Park Middle School, found himself in the middle of his worst-case scenario. A genuine threat was on his school campus in the form of an upset former spouse...Continue Reading

GPS-Based Tracking Apps For School Dismissal – What You Should Know

GPS-Based Tracking Apps For School Dismissal – What You Should Know Active GPS tracking causes privacy and security concerns School administrators are turning to digital solutions to manage the arrival and departure of parents/drivers on their campuses during student dropoff and pickup. Some solutions utilize the parent's/driver’s cell phone location...Continue Reading

The Easy & Hard K-12 Reopening Strategies to Implement

The Easy & Hard K-12 Reopening Strategies to Implement As we help more and more K-12 schools implement plans for a safe return of in-person instruction, we wanted to share practical strategies to help you protect students, teachers, and staff and slow the spread of COVID-19. Our operational strategies are...Continue Reading

Solar-Powered License Plate Camera Kits

Solar-Powered License Plate Camera Kits A better, cost efficient way to enhance student safety and campus security  SchoolPass now offers solar-powered automated license plate recognition (ALPR) camera kits that can be installed anywhere on your campus within hours – with no power or data required! Our solar camera kits eliminate...Continue Reading

How schools are automating COVID-19 screening with ALPR cameras

How schools are automating COVID-19 screening with ALPR cameras COVID-19 has been a unique challenge for schools, to say the least. But, some schools have found success in safely operating through COVID-19. The Lamplighter School in Dallas, TX is an excellent example of a school that has maintained a safe...Continue Reading



SchoolPass Overview

SchoolPass enables K-12 schools to consolidate wellness screening, dismissal automation, campus safety, mass notification, and parent engagement into one connected platform. With SchoolPass, schools can now easily manage and modernize the arrival, screening, and departure of students, visitors, and staff...Continue Reading

Visitor Management Overview

Visitor Management Overview SchoolPass Visitor Management facilitates visitor screening, badge printing, notifications, and emergency attendance - all in one place.  You will know in real-time all visitors and students coming and going from your campus, increasing the safety of students,...Continue Reading

Automate and Secure K-12 Dismissal

Automate and Secure K-12 Dismissal SchoolPass enhances your school's safety and efficiency by screening vehicles coming on and off your campus, automating dismissal, eliminating front office work, and consolidating real-time schedule changes for carline, buses and afterschool activities. Click here...Continue Reading

Campus Security

Campus Security Check out our Campus Security solution, where we work with you to deploy license plate cameras or RFID/toll tag readers, so you know who is driving on and off your campus and to automatically trigger proactive alerts, open...Continue Reading

Case Studies

Case Studies

Downtown Portland School Secures Campus Using SchoolPass

Downtown Portland School Secures Campus Using SchoolPass Bridges Middle School, centrally located in downtown Portland, is specifically designed for students with learning differences to reach their maximum potential—in a unique atmosphere.Learn how Bridges Middle School streamlined parent-office communication and secured their visitor management processes with SchoolPass.

Brandeis Marin Automates Wellness Screening

Michelle was tasked with finding a solution to help keep their school safe during COVID-19 by providing wellness screenings of all students. The solution needed to be easy for parents to complete from their phones and give Michelle and school administrators an easy view of who had passed the screening...Continue Reading

Greenwich County Day School Case Study

Like many schools, GCDS strived to improve the parent experience during drop off and pick up, a process that in the past naturally created traffic congestion, long wait times, and a chaotic environment. Dismissal wait times for the lower and middle school divisions could last north of forty minutes. Numerous...Continue Reading

Montessori in Redlands, CA Case Study

Montessori in Redlands Case Study How This California School Re-Opened Safely School: Montessori in Redlands, CASchool Type: Independent Students: 350 Solutions Used: Campus WellnessArrival and Dismissal Summary: Montessori in Redlands, CA, became a client of SchoolPass after struggling to streamline the reopening of their school. With a manual process that was...Continue Reading

St. Elizabeth – Video Case Study

St. Elizabeth - Video Case Study K-12 School leaders around the country are focused on ways to make their schools more efficient while increasing student safety. As Mr. Vince Spadoni, Principal at St. Elizabeth’s, shared with us recently, “Parents without a doubt, love the fact they wait in carpool line...Continue Reading

Videos and Recordings

Videos and Recordings

SchoolPass Overview

SchoolPass Platform Overview

Webinar: The Role of ESSER in Funding Campus Automation & Security

Massive federal funding from the American Rescue Plan (ARP) is on its way to districts and schools across the country. With $122 billion in funding, the ARP provides unprecedented resources for K-12 schools to safely and securely resume in-person schooling...Continue Reading

Webinar: Modernizing Attendance & Safety on K-12 Campuses

As schools strive to create learning environments that are safe, joyful, and efficient, applying an analytical lens on time and energy spent on attendance will help guide informed decisions on the current process and procedures surrounding attendance. Join Dr. Dave Blaiklock,...Continue Reading

Key Findings: How Schools are Redesigning School Operations to Reduce COVID Exposure this Fall

This fall, schools will return to a very different world and be faced with a completely new set of health challenges.To help, SchoolPass surveyed over 1,100 schools to gauge COVID-19 concerns, plans, and ideas. This presentation explains the key findings...Continue Reading

Using CARES Act Funding For School Reopening

Some schools are looking into accessing CARES Act funding to pay for the changes needed to reopen safely this fall and find the process confusing. In this presentation, K-12 federal funding expert Doug Mescar walks through who qualifies, how a school...Continue Reading

Evaluation Tools

Evaluation Tools

The complete visitor management system evaluation checklist for schools

While there are a number of visitor management systems on the market, the majority are not designed for K-12 but instead for businesses that have a completely different set of operational and security requirements. This evaluation checklist breaks down the features...Continue Reading

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