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Overview & Benefits

Be Ready for Any Emergency

Effectively manage drills, instantly notify first responders, accurately account for individuals and safely reunify families

Customize your emergency protocols to ensure everyone stays aligned
Know exactly where students, staff, and visitors are—and their status—during emergencies
Access from any web-enabled device
Reunite students with approved guardians up to 4 times faster than paper and pencil
Integrates directly with 911 and provides enriched data to first responders
Automatically sync with your student information system
Get the right help for small incidents and school-wide emergencies from anywhere on campus
100% aligned with and licensed by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation® protocols
New users confidently configure device settings by completing a guided welcome tour
Comply with state mandates like Alyssa’s Law
Intuitive, simple interface makes it easy to use even in the most stressful situations


Manage and Track Your Drills

Prepare your school for any situation, track all drills, and eliminate compliance risks.

Create and Schedule

Schedule drills and track compliance based on state and district requirements.

Conduct and Manage

Receive automatic notifications before upcoming drills and initiate drills from any mobile or web-enabled device.

Track and Report

Quickly verify each building’s drill activity and compliance, monitor and report by building or drill type, and use reports to help prioritize future drill schedules.

Learn and Improve

Analyze reports to see what is working and where you need to improve performance.


Connect to First Responders

Initiate a mobile panic alert to instantly request help

Initiate a mobile panic alert to instantly request help from wherever you are on campus. 

Panic Alert is specifically designed to be used under duress, including large buttons that correspond to the school’s emergency response protocol vocabulary and iconography that are immediately familiar to users, giving them confidence in their ability to summon help. 

The person initiating the alert can connect to 911 directly via the mobile application, voice call, or, where available, text-to-911. The initiator can provide additional context and answer questions so 911 operators can better inform first responders. 

Situation-specific notifications are sent via text, phone, email, desktop notifications, and push notifications. Push notifications show and play audio even if the phone is in silent/do not disturb mode to help inform your staff an emergency is taking place. 

Seamlessly switch between campuses without worrying about reconfiguring your panic button. 

Multiple localized incidents such as fights or medical assistance can be initiated at the same time with Team Assist, sending targeted notifications to designated teams for an immediate response. 

Group chats within the app provide critical communication capabilities during an emergency, easing stress and directing resources efficiently. 

We work closely with The “I Love U Guys” Foundation and are officially licensed to offer their Standard Response Protocols and Standard Reunification Method as part of our Emergency Management software.


Get Help for Localized Incidents

Every day, staff encounter emergencies requiring a local response, such as a medical situation, a fight in the hallway or an injured student on the playground. Team Assist, which operates in the same manner as our Panic Alert, provides configurable alert types for localized incidents as well as their own distribution lists. For example, for an injured student on the playground, a distribution list would likely include the school nurse.

Efficiently Direct Resources

Configure Team Assist incident types and notification lists according to your specific needs

Communicate with the Right People

Predefined lists ensure you have the right people notified and ready to assist

Critical Incident Mapping – the Benefits of a Common Operating Picture

Collaborative Response Graphics® (CRGs®) from Critical Response Group prepare first responders for more effective command and control when responding to unfamiliar locations. The technology goes well beyond an interactive floor plan by putting the identical mapping solution in standard use by public safety organizations across the country in the hands of first responders and school personnel simultaneously.


Account for the Location and Status of Everyone

Account for Everyone

Teachers and staff confirm the status and location of themselves, students, and—if using a Visitor Management solution —visitors on campus.”

Stay Updated in Real-Time

Know the precise location and status of each student, staff member, and visitor in real time.

Assist Injured Persons Faster

Enable first responders to know where they’re needed most by giving them access to the details, medical conditions, and locations for all individuals.


Reunify Students Safely With Their Guardians

Reduce the Trauma of a Crisis

Comprehensive in-app workflow, licensed by The “I Love U Guys” Foundation, supports the roles and activities of an effective reunification.

Document Every Individual's Status

Track every individual’s status change and generate a detailed history of events for post-incident reporting.

Eliminate Inaccuracy & Reduce Liability

Ensure proper chain of custody when students are reunified with approved guardians including a digital record of the guardian’s signature and a timestamp for each reunification.

Reduce Reunification Time

Replace handwritten processes with instant mobile communications and record-keeping.

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