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Who is on your campus? Should they be there? Where were they last seen?

The SchoolPass student & visitor management system for K-12 schools allows you to screen visitors, check staff in, and even manage student attendance. A full accounting of your campus population has never been so easy, especially in an emergency.

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An easy-to-deploy school visitor management system that does so much more

Know where visitors, students, and staff are across campuses in real time. The SchoolPass system is purpose-built for the needs of modern K-12 schools. It includes instant visitor background checks, and no expensive, clunky hardware is required! All you need is an iPad and an internet connection. The system is connected to your student information system, so it can be used for day-level attendance as well as comprehensive visitor management. 
Our school visitor sign-in/check-in app allows you to collect specific data and specify unique terms of entry for different visitor types such as parents, contractors, and volunteers. For repeat visitors, you can issue digital IDs/mobile wallets, QuickPins, QR/barcodes, RFID cards, and HID/NFC cards.  
The SchoolPass visitor check-in app also offers group-level sign-in/out to expedite the visitor check-in process.


Parents, vendors and volunteers check-in with dependable, school-focused security tools

Quick Check-In

A visitor may scan their picture ID or take a photo of themselves upon check-in. Their photo can be automatically added to customized visitor badges and printed upon approval. For events, you can deliver pre-registration links via email to screen visitors and print badges or send digital IDs ahead of time.

Immediate Badge Printing and Easy Check-Out

Instantly print a visitor badge with a simple QR code that is unique to your visitor for simple check-out/check-in processing in the future.

Custody Violations and Campus Watch Lists

Non-custodial parents without authorization to pick up a child and anyone on your campus watch list are automatically flagged at sign-in.

Registered Sex Offender Checks

Visitors are screened against the most recent national sex offender database available. Your staff will be discreetly notified of any possible matches.
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Empower students with automated attendance

Your visitor management system can also serve as your day-level attendance tool. 

Students can scan in with ease using QR codes, bar codes, RFID tags, or the SchoolPass app.

Manage attendance and automatically populate and print tardy and early dismissal slips.

Automatically check whether an adult has parental authorization to check-out a child.

Customize validation rules like early dismissal authorization and late arrival based on parent schedule changes.

Monitor student activity check-in/check-out across campuses such as going to practice at another location.


Modernize visitor management and save staff time

SchoolPass provides complete and accurate visitor reporting.

Easily search sign-in history for any specific visitor, campus, or time to get the information you need quickly.

Report and maintain visitor compliance for a single school or for an entire district.

District administrators can set rules for flagged visitors across the entire district and access school-specific or district-wide data with ease.

Track substitute teacher hours with easy exports for billing.

In an emergency, have the most important information at your fingertips

SchoolPass visitor management is the first line in providing real-time insight into who is currently on your campus, including students, staff, visitors, parents, and volunteers. With data collected by your visitor management system, you can see who is on campus and where they were last seen by building, division, grade, and even by person. 

School Visitor Management System Features

Registered Sex Offender Checks
Custody Violation Alerts
Campus Watch List Alerts
Perimeter Security Cameras
Digital IDs
Badge/Lanyard Printing
Visitor Pre-registration
Visitor Sign-In App
Group Sign-in/Out
School & District Visitor Reporting
Multi-Campus Management
Student Attendance Check-In/Out
Print Tardy & Dismissal Slips
Pickup Authorization Validation
Student Validation Rules
SMS & Email Notifications
Time tracking for Volunteers & Substitutes
Visitor Emergency Lists
Volunteer Management
Vaccine Tracking

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