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Platform Overview

SchoolPass enhances your school’s safety and efficiency by screening vehicles coming on and off your campus, automating dismissal, eliminating front office work, and consolidating real-time schedule changes for carline, buses and after-school activities.


Attendance & Hall Pass Management

With our patent-pending attendance and hall pass management technology, students can be marked late or absent in real-time against attendance rosters. Attendance statuses are automatically sent to the front office and your SIS. Students can scan into class for per-period attendance and out of class with an automated hall pass. Administrators can view live and historical attendance at any time. Parent changes (made via our app) are automatically merged into the teacher’s attendance dashboard.
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Dismissal Management

Dismiss students more safely, quickly and efficiently. With our patented carline automation technology, vehicles are automatically identified in the carline and students are organized for dismissal to the carline, bus or after-school activities. The parent app seamlessly integrates dismissal changes into the pickup schedule. Staff use this information to manage dismissal with fewer people and greater accuracy.
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Visitor Management

Screen, track and manage all campus visitors through a robust visitor management solution. Screen all new visitors, print badges, send notifications – all from one solution. Easily integrate late arrival and midday dismissal changes when parents drop-off/pick-up students. Schools can enhance student safety with tracking and documentation to facilitate accountability every day.
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Emergency Attendance

Easily create fully-customizable alerts and distribution lists for any drill or emergency. Teachers and staff can quickly mark students and anyone else as accounted for. Administrators can view accurate, real-time emergency attendance statuses for the entire campus.
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