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SchoolPass is now part of Raptor Technologies

Our mission at SchoolPass is to combine our passion for K-12 and our enterprise software expertise to create partnerships with school communities, helping schools modernize campus safety and wellness operations.

Our Story

SchoolPass was initially created when Mark Ruiters, a system architect at IBM at the time, worked with his children’s school (St. Elizabeth Catholic School) in Rockville, Maryland to address the inherent challenges and chaos of afternoon dismissal. He quickly developed a proof of concept to automate the identification of parents as they arrived at school and scheduled the dismissal of students directly in classrooms. The result, an organized, quiet dismissal process that took half the time.

He kept adding capabilities to the software as he started working with more schools across the country. He worked for Blackboard’s K-12 division, and later worked for logistics software company OmniTracs. He took his logistics knowledge and passion for K-12 to formally release the SchoolPass platform to the K-12 market – now a patented solution that transforms K-12 student logistics across carlines, buses, after-school activities, and walkers – making schools safer and more efficient.

Leadership Team

The SchoolPass team combines their passion for K-12 with a unique set of technical and operational skills to foster life-long partnerships with schools, helping them modernize safety, attendance, and dismissal operations, in the cloud.

Mark Ruiters

Founder & CEO

Jeff Beard


Anthony Riley

Finance & Operations

Jessica Genry

Human Resources

Board of Directors

Chris Isaac

Level Equity

Matt Knapp

EdTech Leader

Arie Abecassis

Tech Entrepreneur

Mark Ruiters

Founder & CEO

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