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Secure your campus perimeter and easily manage traffic and safety on your campus 

Integrate SchoolPass license plate recognition cameras and artificial intelligence into your K-12 campus operations to protect and automate traffic management and 24/7 safety – all in one modern software platform.

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Automatically monitor vehicles driving on/off your campus, 24/7

The SchoolPass license plate recognition solution automatically screens vehicles arriving and departing your campus (day and night), giving you real-time awareness of every vehicle on your school property. 

Control vehicular access based on K-12 access criteria

Use license plate verification, access schedules, and driver type to automatically grant drivers access to your campus. Access schedules can be configured to grant access by entrance/exit lane, driver type, day of week, and time of day. 
For access rule deviations, instant alerts are sent to school administrators, 24/7.

Instantly know when unwanted vehicles drive onto your campus

Easily create campus watch lists to alert security personnel when unwanted license plates are detected for situations such as potential custody violations. If a vehicle is on your campus watch list, security staff will receive an instant alert. Quickly and proactively respond to threats by detecting them at your campus perimeter. 


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Have Access to Real-time Traffic Count Data

Eliminate legacy (and costly) traffic count reports by using real-time license plate recognition data to not only count vehicles on each lane, but to report counts by driver type (parents, high school student drivers, staff, teachers, visitors, buses, vendors, and unknown vehicles) over any monitoring period. 
Traffic trends and reports can indicate traffic peaks and slow times by lane. Each count retains the actual image of the vehicle on the lane (day or night), time stamp, make, model, color, and year of the vehicle. 

Enhance Safety and Efficiency in Your Carline

The SchoolPass license plate recognition solution can automatically identify and verify parents/drivers during carline pickup and announce ETA-based dismissal information to classroom teachers.  Eliminate the need for staff to walk long carlines and/or asking parents to announce their arrival.  

Our Campus Traffic & Security Features

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Unwanted Visitor Screening

Real-Time Security Alerts

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Campus Watch Lists

Campus Emergency Alerts

Emergency Attendance

Dismissal Driver Authorization

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