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Never Take Attendance Again! Increase Student Accountability & Safety with Attendance & Hall Pass Management.  

Automated Day-Level and Per-Period Attendance with Hall Pass Tracking replaces antiquated processes and saves time.

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A quiet front office? It’s possible with SchoolPass!

Automatically manage day-level attendance, late arrivals, and early dismissals. 

Configure notification rules when students sign-in late, sign-out for early dismissal, or when students are out of compliance with class attendance. 

Students easily print tardy badges without disrupting your front office staff. 

Attendance data can automatically be sent to your SIS for academic reporting.

Students can scan in with a physical card or digital ID to automatically record attendance

Parents can self report their student’s attendance status from the SchoolPass app.


Give teachers more instructional time and less administrative burden.

Per-period attendance management allows you to modernize attendance taking, save teacher time, and increase attendance accuracy. 
Students check in to each class period themselves using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag. You get real-time, school-wide insight into who is on campus and where they were last located. Schedule and roster data are pulled from your PowerSchool or Blackbaud student information system (SIS) to ensure accuracy. 
The classroom attendance management solution also eliminates the major administrative burden of taking manual attendance saving teachers in a 500-student school an average 3,000 hours annually. 

*SIS integration is dependent on the SIS

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Stop mischief and gain clarity into how students are spending time outside the classroom.

A viral TikTok trend in late 2021 had students posting videos stealing, damaging, or taking property from school restrooms 
Hall pass management from SchoolPass enhances visibility and accountability for students outside the classroom. Students are able to check themselves out of class to go to the restroom, nurse’s office, or other locations using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag. You get real-time, school-wide insight into who is on campus and where they were last located. Schedule and roster data are pulled from your SIS to ensure accuracy. 
You can review the frequency of when students are scanning out of class temporarily and begin to see patterns of students who may be abusing the privilege. 

Manage Unexcused Absences & Tardies

Attendance Management at K-12 schools often requires the ability to process students who have unexcused attendance records, like absences or tardies. SchoolPass makes it easy for your school to track and manage these, which can be a helpful tool.

Identify and intervene when necessary if students are chronically absent or late to class

Students identified as Absent Unexcused for a class can be changed to Present on Time or Tardy Excused

Save staff time when changes to attendance statuses push to your student information system

Identify the students and clearly provide access to ways to reach out to them or their parents to obtain additional information

Our School Attendance Software Features

Parent App

Teacher Attendance App

Real-time Attendance Rosters

Live Attendance Counts

Historical Reporting

Print Tardy Slips

Multi-campus Management

Automated Hall Passes

After-School Program Rosters

Digital ID Scanning

Student Truancy Reporting

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