The Modern Student Attendance Automation Software for Schools

SchoolPass day-level and per-period attendance software connects parents, teachers, and the front office for a seamless attendance experience.

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Per-period automated attendance and automated hall passes

Never take attendance again! Introducing automated per-period attendance that allows you to modernize attendance taking, save teacher time, and increase attendance accuracy.
Students check in to each class period themselves using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag. You get real-time, school-wide insight into who is on campus and where they were last located. Schedule and roster data are pulled from your SIS* to ensure accuracy.
The classroom automated attendance solution also eliminates the major administrative burden of taking manual attendance saving teachers in a 500-student school an average 3,000 hours annually.

*SIS integration is dependent on the SIS

Automate the class attendance, late arrival, and early dismissal process

Configure notification rules when students sign in late, sign out for early dismissal, or when students are out of compliance with class attendance.

Class rosters can easily be imported from your student information system (SIS) and attendance data can automatically be sent to your SIS* for academic reporting.

Students can scan in with a physical card or digital ID to automatically record attendance

Easy-to-use classroom attendance dashboard for teachers

Teachers have instant visibility into their classes attendance for easy oversight during the school day. They will be able to see attendance being recorded in real time as students scan into class or teachers can record attendance themselves.
Attendance statuses are automatically sent to the front office and your SIS. If a child doesn’t show up when expected, the parent can receive an automatic alert.

Real-time attendance monitoring and reporting

Any attendance changes made by parents or the front office are automatically sent to the teacher’s attendance dashboard. Administrators can view live attendance activity for all classrooms from their dashboard, and can send reminders to teachers when attendance is incomplete.
Administrators can also view historical student attendance data for any class or student, for any period of time. With SchoolPass, identifying and addressing truancy issues is simple.

Use the same scan event to enhance student safety across buildings and floors

Know where students are on your campus. Use the student’s class attendance scan to know where the student was last seen, and if they have not scanned into class by a certain time.
Floor plans can be imported into SchoolPass, and then scan location boundaries can be drawn to create scan locations, which could be classrooms, the library, the nurse’s office, the gym, etc.
Student attendance scans are aligned to quickly locate students, especially during an emergency. Late arrival and early dismissal scans in the front office are merged into the student’s movement log, making the data reliable and complete.

Student attendance statuses seamlessly sync to after-school operations

With SchoolPass, attendance data is used to make after-school operations a breeze. The most recent student attendance statuses are automatically updated on after-school program rosters, bus boarding manifests, and dismissal carline schedules.
Parents can even check on their child’s status through the SchoolPass app.

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Teacher Attendance App

Real-time Attendance Rosters

Live Attendance Counts

Historical Reporting

Print Tardy Slips

Multi-campus Management

Student Validation Rules

SIS Integration

After-School Program Rosters

Digital ID Scanning

Student Truancy Reporting

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