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Carline Management Made Easy

Transform carline dismissal – quickly go from chaos to calm with SchoolPass. With the SchoolPass Carline Automation module, parents can automatically be identified, and students can be organized for dismissal based on the best identification method (or a combination of methods) that matches your school’s needs.

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Faster, more secure dismissal carlines

Dismissal carline drivers can automatically be identified using license plates, RFID tags, or GPS. School teachers and staff use this real-time ETA-based information to dismiss students from the classroom when their ride arrives. 
With the SchoolPass Carline Automation module, carlines can be 50% faster and you can be sure that every student leaves your campus with an approved driver, while dramatically reducing traffic congestion on nearby streets. 

Seamlessly integrate student schedule changes into carline dismissal

SchoolPass allows parents (and school staff) to update student arrival, attendance, and dismissal schedules to create the school’s system-of-record for student whereabouts – parents, staff, and teachers are now all using the same record. 
All changes are integrated into the carline announcement sent to classrooms – teachers no longer need to guess where students are going at the end of the school day.   

Support flexible multi-family carpools

Parents can organize pickup schedules by day of week. Drivers can be matched to students by dismissal session, seamlessly integrating dismissal changes into the pickup schedule. By default, all students are scheduled for dismissal when any carpool driver arrives on campus for carline pickup.   
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Streamline student sign in and sign out processes

SchoolPass tracks and automates much of the student sign in and sign out process from an easy-to-use self-service kiosk, including:

Validating whether an adult has parental authorization to check out a child

Customizable student validation rules such as whether the student arrives when expected after an appointment

Student activity check in/check out across campuses such as going to practice at another location

Automatically populating and printing tardy and early dismissal slips
This same solution can also be used for attendance, visitor management, campus health and wellness, emergency attendance, and much more. 

Use the same dismissal process for reunification during emergencies!

SchoolPass can automatically authenticate the parent, guardian, or driver during an emergency using license plate recognition, RFID, and/or GPS to make sure students are quickly matched to parents, guardians, and drivers.   
Signatures can also be collected to verify reunification. 

Easily generate Drop-off & Pickup Reports

School administrators can now have full accountability for student drop-off and pickup. Reports can be generated by date at the school, dismissal session, pickup area, classroom, and student level. Know which driver scheduled students in classrooms, which teachers dismissed students from classrooms, and how efficient teachers and staff are during dismissal. 

SchoolPass Dismissal Software Features

Parent Dismissal Change App

Real-time Dismissal Plans

Carline Automation

Driver Authorization

Student Carpool Management

Security/LPR Cameras

Parent Notifications

Bus Boarding Manifests

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