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Better Screening for Students, Parents, and Visitors. SchoolPass Campus Wellness Makes It Easy.

Be prepared for any changes to the health status of your community. Daily health and wellness screening, automatic temperature monitoring, simplified contact tracing, and now pre-event registration and vaccine verification.

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New for 2022! Pre-Event Registration and Vaccine Verification

Simplify the verification of vaccinations at school activities by pre-registering attendees and allowing visitors to enter their vaccination status ahead of time. This allows schools that have criteria for parents or visitors coming on campus to collect information seamlessly through the SchoolPass app or online.

Daily student health and
wellness checks

Create a daily wellness screening process with customizable questions and actions by person type. Staff, parents (for younger students), and older students complete the assessment from an easy-to-use website or app.
If parents arrive to drop off their children without filling out the assessment, they will receive a text message to complete it. Your staff will receive an alert for missed assessments and have real-time visibility.

Contactless curbside arrival and dismissal

With the SchoolPass app, parents and authorized adults can check children in and out from the car using GPS.
It’s fast, secure, and has benefits far beyond COVID-19 prevention. The SchoolPass app replaces calls, emails, and notes for student attendancearrival, and dismissal changes. This reduces the time spent managing schedule changes by about 85%.

School contact tracing made easy

SchoolPass makes contact tracing simple. In addition to being able to see historical attendance by student and class, you can view who rode each bus or checked into an after-school activity on any given day.
With this information, you can feel confident you’ve identified and alerted everyone in your school community who came into close contact with the affected individual.

Our School Attendance Software Features

Daily Wellness Assessments

Missed Assessment Alerts

Bus Capacity Management

School Community Messaging

Student Contact Tracing

Contactless Student Sign-in/out

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