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Consolidate dismissal automation, campus safety, mass notification, wellness screening, and parent engagement into one connected & patented platform.

  • Visitor management: Screen and manage visitor, parent and student movement.
  • Attendance automation: Automatically send the front-office and SIS period-level and day-level attendance.
  • Campus traffic and security: Screen vehicles using automated license plate cameras and RFID tag readers for arrival and departure.
  • Carline management: Organize students for dismissal by automatically identifying parents based on license plates, RFID/toll tags, phone GPS or mobile entry onsite.
  • Bus ridership management: Ensure you have the right students on the bus with real-time bus manifests.
  • After-school activity management: Provide real-time rosters, notifications and attendance reports for billing.
  • Emergency attendance: Teachers and staff can account for everyone during an emergency or drill.
  • Campus wellness and vaccine tracking: Self-reported wellness checks and COVID-19 vaccine status tracking are manageable in our platform.

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