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How This California School Re-Opened Safely
  • School: Montessori in Redlands, CA
  • School Type: Independent
  • Students: 350
Solutions Used:

Summary: Montessori in Redlands, CA, became a client of SchoolPass after struggling to streamline the reopening of their school. With a manual process that was no longer feasible when COVID hit, Montessori in Redlands needed to find a seamless, integrated solution.

Challenges: The previous process at Montessori in Redlands for drop off and pick up had been very manual, resulting in a time-consuming process. Due to COVID, new safety precautions and wellness screenings needed to be implemented, too.

Solution: By utilizing Campus Wellness by SchoolPass, Montessori in Redlands has been able to operate safely, and screen for potential health risks in a consistent and documented way.

COVID-19 has forced many schools to reinvent the way they operate. Montessori in Redlands, an independent school located in Redlands, California, is no exception. Despite the significant challenges, Montessori in Redlands has not only been able to reopen safely, but build more efficient operations that will extend post-COVID-19 using SchoolPass.

Alisa Evans, board member, treasurer, and a parent of two, provided a unique perspective on the before and after state at Montessori in Redlands. We caught up with her to learn more about Montessori in Redlands’s experience with SchoolPass.

“Pre-COVID, our student drop off and pick up process was very manual. Parents had to park and manually sign their children in on a paper sheet. This was time-consuming and stressful for both parents and staff,” Evans stated. The staff also echoed these sentiments after spending hours manually entering the data into their systems.

Once COVID hit, they knew this process wouldn’t hold up with the additional safety precautions and wellness screening information that needed to be collected. These challenges led Montessori in Redlands to begin evaluating technology partners and solutions.

While assessing their options, it was particularly important that the solution they chose could offer both the ability to solve their dual challenges of reopening safely and maintaining an efficient dismissal, while also being seamlessly integrated. Many schools are also concerned about getting parents to successfully use new systems, so it was crucial that the solution chosen was easy to use for the entire school community – from staff to parents.

With the implementation of SchoolPass, Montessori in Redlands was able to operate safely, and screen for potential health risks in a consistent and documented way.

“I don’t know how we would have been able to handle it without SchoolPass Campus Wellness. As a parent, it takes a few seconds to fill out each kid’s screening questions and sign them in. From an administrator’s perspective, we’re confident we have a consistent process and can proactively flag risks before they come into our buildings,” said Evans.

Evans went on to confirm that parents from the school love using SchoolPass, affirming it is “saving them a lot of time and it’s just so easy to use.”

“A friend of mine who has three children at the school had her mother pick up her children. Her mother is in her mid-70’s and doesn’t feel comfortable with apps. My friend downloaded the app for her, showed her once, and her mother had zero issues. It was seamless.”

The staff at Montessori in Redlands have also provided positive feedback, mentioning that the “layout is simple, clean, and the entire process is straightforward.” Since utilizing SchoolPass, arrival and dismissal has become much easier for the staff and saved hours of data entry every day.

At SchoolPass, we understand that the modern family runs their lives from their phone, which is why we strive to help schools build their operations around that reality. We also know that delivering the ability to provide parents access to everything they need with a touch of a button is priceless.

“In a time where schools are dealing with unprecedented health challenges alongside layoffs and cuts, the speed and efficiency SchoolPass enables is invaluable. You can’t afford to not work with SchoolPass.”

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