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Private schools have long stood as pioneers in delivering high-quality education. With evolving student needs and increasing operational complexities, the call for modernizing campus operations has become undeniable. Incorporating modern technology such as digital hall passes, automated attendance, and automated dismissal tools not only improves the safety and wellness of students but also streamlines administrative tasks and heightens the overall efficiency of the institution.  

Let’s take a closer look at 5 key ways modernizing your campus operations can improve your school’s safety and security.

1. Modern Attendance for Enhanced Accuracy and Efficiency

Traditional manual attendance methods carry inherent pitfalls: 

  • Teachers and staff spend several hours taking and processing student attendance manually. This takes away from instructional time and costs schools valuable resources when accounting for students. 
  • If a student is late to school or misses the first period when attendance for the day is usually taken, their return may not be accounted for on the official record which can impact school funding. 
  • Manually taking attendance introduces the possibility of human error—resulting in inaccurate records of student attendance. 

The integration of modern systems such as Raptor SchoolPass Attendance introduces several benefits, including: 

  • Modern, per-period attendance gives teachers more instructional time and less administrative burden because students can check in to class using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag.  
  • Accurate attendance records are important for safety, funding and accountability. When students check into class, modifications to attendance statuses push to your student information system.  

You are also then empowered with the information necessary to identify and intervene if students are chronically absent or late to class.

2. Ensuring Accountability Outside the Classroom

Navigating student movements during breaks or transitions presents a tracking hurdle. In the absence of modern solutions, there is little accountability for the purpose of their time and approved destination when students are out of the classroom. This can lead to issues that include:  

  • Meeting up with other students,  
  • Code of conduct violations such vaping or bullying, for example, and  
  • Frequent classroom absences that are not tracked or known to be issues. 

Untracked absences during such periods could become a persistent challenge. With automated hall pass systems, students can check themselves out of class to go to the restroom, nurse’s office, or other locations. This means your school is better able to stop mischief and gain clarity into how students are spending time outside the classroom. 

With automated hall passes, you are empowered with: 

  • A dashboard with real-time, accurate accounting of where students are. You can review the frequency of when students are scanning out of class temporarily and begin to see patterns of students who may be abusing the privilege. 
  • The ability to review the frequency of students scanning out so you can look for patterns—and create a plan for intervening or stopping mischief such as vandalism, coordinated class departures, or extended breaks from the classroom. 
  • The insight necessary to better manage unexcused absences and tardies. With automated attendance, your school personnel can more readily identify and intervene when necessary if students are chronically absent or late to class.

3. Streamlining Dismissal Procedures

School arrival and dismissal can be one of the most dangerous and chaotic parts of the school day due to the volume of cars and people moving in a congested area. Teachers and staff struggle to pair the correct student and driver expeditiously. This can create issues with students entering the wrong vehicle and traffic congestion when the carline does not move quickly and efficiently.  

With Raptor SchoolPass Dismissal, carlines can be 50% faster and you can be sure that every student leaves your campus with an approved driver. This is achieved by: 

  • Dismissal carline drivers can automatically be identified using license plates, RFID tags, or GPS. School teachers and staff use this real-time ETA-based information to dismiss students from the classroom when their ride arrives.  
  • Manage afterschool activities online including activity attendance, with or without signature capture. Provide your activity coordinators with real-time rosters, your parents with accurate attendance notifications, and your business office with attendance reports for billing accuracy. 
  • For private schools that provide bussing, detailed school bus student ridership reports allow you to maximize bus capacity, plan more efficient routes, and manage tight budgets. 

4. Improved Communication with Parents

Effective and transparent communication with parents stands paramount. Nevertheless, conventional channels could give rise to information gaps.  

Modern solutions like parent apps mean parents can make attendance and dismissal changes, authorize pickups, and manage after-school attendance. Changes seamlessly integrate into the pickup schedule and automatically update bus manifests. They are communicated to transportation staff, teachers, and the front office in real-time.  

5. Integration with Existing Systems

For holistic operational efficiency, the seamless integration of new tools with the existing framework is vital.  

Features such as synchronization with Student Information Systems (SIS) help to ensure effortless data transfer, mitigating the risk of manual entry errors, as well as consolidated data storage, simplifying staff access to and management of student information. 

Raptor SchoolPass can help 

As contemporary challenges unfold, modern solutions are essential. Through the modernization of campus operations, private schools can offer a safer, more streamlined environment that fosters learning and growth. 

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