The leading school bus ridership management software

Get the right student on the right bus with SchoolPass. Real-time bus boarding manifests, complete ridership visibility, and capacity management.

An easy-to-use bus attendance app for parents

Today’s parents run their lives from phones. With the SchoolPass app, parents can easily add or remove their child from a bus based on school ridership rules.

Parents also use the SchoolPass app for daily attendance updates, arrival and dismissal changes, and much more.

Real-time manifests for simplified school bus student tracking

Changes automatically update bus manifests and are communicated to transportation staff, teachers, and the front office in real-time. Your staff simply check each student off as they board from an easy-to-use bus boarding attendance app.

Parents can receive notifications when their child boards and departs. If a child is unexpectedly absent, you’ll be immediately alerted.

real time manifests

Manage School Bus Capacity and Reduce Busing Costs

Budgets are tight and busing is expensive. SchoolPass provides detailed school bus student ridership reporting that allows you to maximize bus capacity and plan more efficient routes. This reporting can also be used to quickly and accurately bill parents.

Additionally, you can monitor the status of each bus and student in real-time.

Manage Bus Capacity

A complete after school management solution

Managing after school operations is a breeze. Student attendance and dismissal schedules are updated across bus boarding manifests, carline/carpool schedules, and after school program rosters in real-time.

With SchoolPass, getting every student to the right carpool, bus, or activity is simple.

SchoolPass Bus Boarding Software Features

School Bus Attendance App

Real-time Ridership Manifests

Ridership Reporting

Capacity Management

Boarding Alerts for Parents

Usage-based Billing

What Our Customers Are Saying

  • This went very well!

    The SIS-integrated SchoolPass license plate solution allowed us to solve our ever-growing problem with traffic backing up onto nearby streets.  We also now have valuable real-time traffic counts throughout the year - by driver type - that has not been available previously.

    Sherman Hall, Director of Campus Safety and Security, Sacred Heart Schools

  • SchoolPass is a powerful software that truly enhances school operations
    Our school had a manual dismissal process prior to SchoolPass. Our dismissal required paper record keeping, walkie talkies, and too many employees to support carpool. Majority of our carpool process is now automated and archived using SchoolPass. As Director of Operations, I use SchoolPass as an additional security measure to screen and track vehicles entering our site. I'm very satisfied with the software.

    Reginald H., Director of Operations, Trinity School, Atlanta, GA

  • SchoolPass works for us!
    This relieved our front office of at least 4 hours a day to do other things. SchoolPass gave us easy access to dismissal information that any employee can look up. We are much more organized during the day preparing for dismissal rather than frantically dealing with late in the day changes by parents calling in. Parents make their own changes ... huge time saver for us.

    Richard E., IT Manager

  • Best carpool and security software on the market
    There is no carpool scheduling software on the market that can compare to SchoolPass. It is the most robust and easy to use software available for schools in regards to carpool scheduling. The company goes above and beyond to assist the school in setting up the system. Integration with cameras and tolltag readers also makes it a great security asset for any school. There are no negatives to this software solution!

    Marynell M., Chief Operations Officer

  • I wanted to find a security partner that was thinking ahead, helping to identify and mitigate daily risks that Chadwick was facing with arrival and dismissal operations…and SchoolPass was the clear choice.

    Bob Rule, Director of Risk Management and Transportation, Chadwick School

  • There is no other dismissal management system in the United States like SchoolPass. Our dismissal process has been streamlined and embraced by our community. It is fast, easy, safe, and time saving. With this cutting edge technology, we are now a leader in the country when it comes to carpool dismissal.

    Marynell Murphy, Director of Operations, The Lamplighter School

  • SchoolPass has enabled Meadowbrook to consolidate 3 dismissal times into 1.   We have a safer dismissal because we know which students are going home with which authorized drivers.  Also, we have reduced the staff needed to manage dismissal each day.   SchoolPass is a great partner in making our dismissal more efficient and safer.

    Jonathan Schmid, Director of Innovation & Technology, Meadowbrook School

  • In 2014, we put SchoolPass into effect and now parents are empowered to make carpool changes with the mobile app.  This has streamlined dismissal and enabled us to reduce our carpool times...our parents are happy with the efficiency and security, and students know where they are supposed to be at the end of the day.

    Reginald Haley, Director of Operations at Trinity School (Atlanta)

  • SchoolPass has definitely surpassed my expectations, and certainly delivered a product that fulfilled a need at my school - we love what they did for Grace Christian School. Our parents love it too, School-Pass is fast, easy to use, and most important, keeps our students safe.

    Cindy Phillips, Principal at Grace Christian School