The modern visitor management system for K-12 schools

Streamline visitor check ins, screen with background checks, and print badges. School visitor management has never been so easy.

A modern, easy-to-deploy school visitor management system

The SchoolPass Visitor Management System is purpose-built for the needs of modern K-12 schools. There’s no expensive, clunky hardware required.

All you need is an iPad and an internet connection, meaning your visitor management system can be relocated with ease. Deploying and managing a visitor process for multiple campuses is simple.

A fast and flexible school visitor check in system

Our school visitor sign-in/check-in app allows you to collect specific data and specify unique terms of entry for different visitor types such as parents, contractors, and volunteers. For repeat visitors, you can issue digital IDs/mobile wallets, QuickPins, QR/barcodes, RFID cards, and HID/NFC cards.

For events, you can deliver pre-registration links via email to screen visitors and print badges or send digital IDs ahead of time. The SchoolPass visitor check-in app also offers group-level sign in/out to expedite the visitor check in process.

Visitor check in on the school pass app

Instant visitor background checks and school-focused security tools

SchoolPass offers a complete and unique visitor screening solution that is purpose-built for the needs of the modern school.

  • Registered Sex Offender Checks. Visitors are screened against the most recent national sex offender database available. Your staff will be discreetly notified of any possible matches.
  • Custody Violations and Campus Watch Lists. Non-custodial parents without authorization to pick up a child and anyone on your campus watch list are automatically flagged at sign in.
  • Perimeter Security Monitoring. Optional perimeter cameras send automatic alerts to security staff when unwanted vehicles enter your campus.
  • School Emergency Management. If a risk is identified, schools can send emergency alerts and take emergency attendance with ease.
Instant visitor background checks on the SchoolPass app

School visitor identification made easy

With SchoolPass, visitor identification is simple. The SchoolPass visitor check-in app automatically takes a picture of each visitor during sign in. This picture can then be automatically added to customizable visitor badges or lanyards and printed upon approval.

You can also pre-register visitors and bulk print registrant badges to save time and improve the visitor experience.

Print School Visitor Badges and Lanyards

Accurate visitor records and reporting

SchoolPass provides complete and accurate visitor reporting. Easily search sign-in history for any specific visitor, campus, or time to get the information you need quickly.

Reporting and maintaining visitor compliance for a single school or entire district has never been easier.

Complete School Visitor Reporting

Simplify attendance, arrival, and dismissal processes

With SchoolPass, the same technology used for visitor management can be used for so much more, including:

  • Student wellness assessments and management
  • Attendance management and automatically populating and printing tardy and early dismissal slips.
  • Validating whether an adult has parental authorization to check out a child.
  • Customizable student validation rules such as whether the parent has authorized an early dismissal and if the student arrives when expected after an appointment.
  • Student activity check in/check out across campuses such as going to practice at another location.
  • Tracking substitute teacher hours with easy exports for billing.

School visitor management system features

Registered Sex Offender Checks

Custody Violation Alerts

Campus Watch List Alerts

Perimeter Security Cameras

Digital IDs

Badge/Lanyard Printing

Visitor Pre-registration

Visitor Sign-In App

Group Sign-in/Out

School and District Visitor Reporting

Multi-Campus Management

Student Attendance Check In/Out

Print Tardy and Dismissal Slips

Pickup Authorization Validation

Student Validation Rules

SMS and Email Notifications

Time tracking for Volunteers and Substitutes

Visitor Emergency Lists