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Running a K-12 school can be an incredibly complex task. With students, parents, and staff all needing to be managed effectively and efficiently, school administrators can easily become overwhelmed. There are many ways to improve efficiency and reduce safety risks in your school, but quite frankly, none comes close to process automation.

Imagine a world where attendance is automated, your teachers can focus on educating students instead of spending time on administrative tasks, you know who is on your campus in real-time, and your front office no longer has to answer phone calls from parents regarding late arrivals or early dismissals.

Process automation can make this a reality. As schools look for new ways to maintain a safe and secure learning environment, automation is becoming an increasingly important tool to minimize risk. Here are 3 ways to know if your school should invest in automation.

Your staff is spending valuable time processing attendance changes. 

The average K-12 school spends 1,800 hours a year processing attendance changes. With SchoolPass Automated Attendance, schools eliminate manual entry errors while providing teachers with up-to-date student attendance records in real-time. Schools can eliminate manual data entry and paper sign-in sheets! This saves K-12 schools both time and money while still ensuring accurate records are kept. Finally, since all information is stored digitally in a secure database, it reduces paperwork clutter and makes it easier for administrators to access data whenever needed.  

You’re lacking visibility of who is on your campus and whether they’re authorized to be there. 

There are over 560 vehicles driving onto K-12 campuses every second at all US K-12 schools – without any form of meaningful screening. Schools can ensure the safety of their campuses with perimeter security systems. From cameras to license plate readers and access control systems, these tools provide real-time awareness that protects against any potential threats. Automated License Plate Recognition (ALPR) cameras are a particularly valuable asset in emergency situations – providing critical footage for administration as they investigate the situation quickly and accurately.

Your visitor management process has safety gaps. 

Schools must remain vigilant in order to protect students from outside threats. According to a 2017 study, more than 90% of abductions are committed by a parent. A visitor management system is a powerful tool that schools can use to help ensure the safety and security of their campuses. This digital solution eliminates manual logs while streamlining check-ins and background screenings for visitors; flagging any registered sex offenders or child custody orders before these individuals enter school grounds will give parents peace of mind about sending kids off each day.

From improved operational efficiencies to enhanced security systems, SchoolPass enhances campus safety by automating otherwise manual tasks. By investing in automation, schools will be able to provide their students with a safe learning environment while ensuring that all aspects of their operation run smoothly and efficiently – meeting the modern-day school safety demands in 2023.

Plot your school on our 2023 K-12 School Safety Quadrant, and let’s connect when you’re ready to move toward greater safety and efficiency.