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School safety is on everyone’s mind these days with much of the focus on preventing or mitigating campus intruders. Security leaders, who are trained to address risks, need access to tools that can quickly flag potential risks.

Some of the most common but least discussed threats on campus come from individuals that are known to your school but who are potential “bad actors”:

  • Fired staff
  • Expelled students
  • Non-custodial parents

These individuals can be identified and interdicted rapidly. Security leaders can benefit from an early warning system because time is of the essence when potential “bad actors” enter your campus. Solutions that can trigger alerts can give security personnel the extra time they need to take critical action.

An educated school community and visitor screening solutions are some of the key building blocks in enhancing your campus security, and ultimately boosting student safety.

What can you do?

  • Engage your school community in raising awareness about “unknown” visitors on campus
  • Clearly communicate your visitor policies to staff, students and parents
  • Ensure school security leaders know about all personnel status changes – for staff, students and parents
  • Leverage a visitor management system to efficiently handle the vast majority of standard visitors, enabling security to focus on the exceptions
  • Deploy early warning systems that can identify “unknown” vehicles on campus for additional screening