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As a head of school, district administrator, or director of education technology, you know that one of your top priorities is ensuring student success. You also know that finding the right tools to make this happen can be a challenge. SchoolPass offers integration with FACTS Student Attendance that takes the manual entry out of attendance changes and puts parents in control. Let’s take a look at how this integration works and how it can save your school time and money while empowering and engaging parents. 

Save 540+ Front Office Hours Every Year 

Our integration with FACTS allows schools to eliminate the manual entry of student attendance changes, such as late arrivals, early dismissals, and absences. This offers several benefits—the most important being time savings. Cindy Phillips, Head of School at Grace Christian School, recently had this to say about her school’s experience with the integration:

“The attendance integration between SchoolPass and FACTS saves our front office 3-4 hours per day, keeps teachers and staff updated, and assures attendance accuracy in FACTS. Parents can schedule changes from anywhere at any time, and there is no need for them to call the school to report absences or dismissal changes, offering time savings and convenience for all parties.”

According to our schools, switching to automated processes frees up more than 540 hours per year for front office staff who no longer have to enter attendance information manually into their student database system.  

Eliminate Dual-Entry Data  

The integration between SchoolPass and FACTS also eliminates dual-entry data by allowing information to flow seamlessly between the two systems via automated processes. This means that when a parent schedules an absence or dismissal change through SchoolPass or the school uses SchoolPass Visitor Management, the changes can be sent to FACTS – eliminating duplicate work across systems, saving time for office administrators and teachers, ensuring attendance data accuracy – and most of all, knowing where students are, especially during an emergency. 

Parental Convenience 

Parents are empowered by this integration because they can schedule changes from anywhere at any time, without having to call the school. This provides convenience for everyone involved since late arrivals, absences, or early dismissal changes don’t have to wait until office hours begin before they are reported and recorded in your database system accurately and reliably. 

Visitor Management

In addition to parent attendance changes via the app, our Visitor Management solution also fast-tracks the student sign in/out process by integrating attendance with FACTS to automatically populate and print tardy and early dismissal slips. You can pull complete and accurate lists of everyone on campus, search sign-in history for any specific visitor, building, or time to get the information you need quickly. 

With the SchoolPass/FACTS Student Attendance integration, you can give parents easy access to their child’s arrival/dismissal schedule, so they stay informed about their absences or early dismissals without having to call the school office. The SchoolPass/FACTS integration offers you convenience and efficiency – all while helping ensure student success.

The only thing left to decide is how your school office will spend the 540+ hours gained back that they previously dedicated to manually entering attendance information each year.

Connect with us to learn more about integrating student attendance changes and parent engagement to alleviate strain on your front office.