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SchoolPass enables K-12 schools to consolidate wellness screening, dismissal automation, campus safety, mass notification, and parent engagement into one connected platform. With SchoolPass, schools can now easily manage and modernize the arrival, screening, and departure of students, visitors, and staff in one place, while empowering staff to quickly and accurately account for everyone on campus throughout the school day, especially during an emergency. Fully integrated with major SIS partners, SchoolPass allows schools to manage critical operational data in one place, without the hassle of navigating to different systems.

Secure Your Campus
Monitor campus vehicle traffic, screen visitors with modern contactless technology, and respond to emergencies faster with campus visibility and alerts.

Modernize Operations
Consolidate attendance, late arrivals, early dismissals, bus changes, activity enrollment changes, playdates, and more into a single frictionless process.

Streamline Communications
Manage student schedule changes with 85% less admin hours by allowing parents to update attendance, arrival, and dismissal changes from the SchoolPass App.

Automate Attendance
Fully automate attendance at every period of every day, so you and your teachers can focus on educating rather than playing hall monitor

Efficiency at its best

  • Instantly know who is driving on/off campus
  • Improve parent engagement and communication
  • Track student and visitor management
  • Automate and manage dismissal operations

SchoolPass is a powerful software that truly enhances school operations” Reginald H., Director of Operations Trinity School, Atlanta, GA

Download the SchoolPass Overview brochure.