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SchoolPass is excited to announce the arrival of the most requested PK-12 module: Day-level Attendance Management. It’s digital, it’s in the cloud, it’s linked to your Visitor Management station, and fully integrated with your SIS.

The new attendance module automates and connects parents, teachers, and the front office – making sure students are on campus when and where they’re supposed to be, while dramatically reducing the administrative burden to quickly account for students during the school day.

The easy-to-use interface offers major benefits to both teachers and admins, including the ability to;

  • Take and manage day-level attendance in the classroom
  • Unify parent, front office, teacher, student card swipes, and SIS attendance data into a single easy to use interface
  • Enable the front office to do real-time monitoring, with the ability to also send reminders to teachers who have not started or completed morning attendance
  • Quickly pull attendance reports by classroom, teacher and student
  • Review accurate student attendance history by class and day
  • Sync attendance data between SchoolPass and your SIS
  • Integrate student card swipes (attendance, tardy, and early dismissals) from our Visitor Management station to keep attendance data up-to-date

For Admins:

  • View attendance activity for all classrooms, including teacher info and live attendance counts for easy monitoring.
  • Quickly navigate to other admin actions from within the Admin Attendance dashboard.
  • Send reminders to staff on an as needed or scheduled basis.

For Teachers:

  • Easily mark students late or absent.  Status changes are shown with color-coded indicators so no student goes unnoticed.
  • Changes reported by parents via the SchoolPass app, or recorded by the front office are automatically pulled into the attendance dashboard.
  • Quickly navigate to other admin actions from within the Attendance dashboard.
  • View student-level details, including arrival and dismissal defaults.

For Parents:

Parents can easily report absences (recorded as unexcused), and schedule late arrivals or early dismissals. Eliminate the need for parents to send hand-written notes to school, email the teacher, or leave voicemails on attendance lines – requiring even more work for admins.

For the first time ever, attendance data is now accessible, actionable, and shared in one place – improving student safety, school efficiency, and overall customer service.