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Two schools share how they are giving teachers more time for instruction.

Earlier this year, Ransom Everglades School and Miami Country Day School both piloted a game-changing solution for K-12 schools that allowed administrators and teachers to automate per-period attendance and to provide an easy, lightning-fast digital hall pass for students temporarily leaving the classroom. This solution gave their teachers more time on instruction and less time on attendance-taking and administrative work.

With Per-Period Automated Attendance & Digital Hall Pass from SchoolPass:

  • Students check in to each class period themselves using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag.

  • Teachers, front office staff, and administrators get real-time, school-wide insight into who is on campus and where they were last located.

  • SchoolPass pulls in schedule and roster data from the student information system to ensure accuracy.

Linda Lawrence, Chief Technology Officer at Ransom Everglades in Coconut Grove, Florida was looking for just this kind of time-saver. “We want to empower our students to take ownership of their class attendance. Our main objective is to drive attendance to our learning management system, Blackbaud, with minimal intervention from the teacher.”


Jimmy Cudzilo, Chief Information Officer at Miami Country Day School (MCDS) in Miami, Florida recognized the value of automated attendance and hall passes for location awareness. “I want to know where everyone is, all the time, especially during an emergency. Once we implement this around the school, it has the potential to deliver just that.”

A Simple, Smooth Installation

SchoolPass works with school leaders to apply solutions quickly and without a hitch. “Implementation was much easier than I expected,” according to Linda at Ransom Everglades. “Everything was simple, and instructions for installing the app were clear. The module on the website was simple to use and the interface was intuitive. The speed of students checking in was surprisingly quick!”

For Jimmy at MCDS, putting the solution in place was also somewhat easier than expected. “I was worried that I would need a user account for each station, but I’m able to use one account so that made the process quite easy.”

Putting a solution in place before the fall is made uncomplicated with support from SchoolPass.

Lightning-Fast Classroom Check-In and Out

Both Jimmy and Linda were amazed at the speed of checking in and out. According to Jimmy, “it’s SUPER fast on the scans.” This allows the students to take responsibility for their own attendance, which, according to Jimmy, is one of the most useful features of the automated attendance solution. Most importantly, “it’s able to quickly process students on the way into class. It gives more time to faculty so they can teach.” Linda thought the most useful feature was straightforward: “the capture of students leaving and returning to class.” She was surprised and delighted by the “intuitive nature and speed of checking in and out.”

A Partner Who Listens

SchoolPass works in close collaboration with our customers to develop solutions and refinements designed to meet their needs. The Per-Period Automated Attendance and Digital Hall Pass solutions were borne out of conversations with real users in schools throughout the United States. Why is Linda confident about SchoolPass solutions? In her own words, “our relationship with SchoolPass is strong and the development to date indicates they are listening to their customer base.”

Want to learn more? Contact SchoolPass today for a 30-minute consultation to discuss per-period attendance automation and digital hall passes.