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With the ever-increasing competition among private schools to attract and retain students, it is becoming important for school administrators to ensure they are providing parents with a much-needed sense of comfort and security.  

Schools that use technology to communicate information and engage parents, not only lead to a better quality learning experience for students but also helps parents feel the school is taking proper safety precautions. To do this effectively, school administrators need to make sure they have the right solutions in place that not only help prevent tragedies, but also make life easier for parents and staff. Fortunately, SchoolPass offers three such solutions that can help make your school more appealing to parents.

  1. Student Attendance Changes allows parents to feel more empowered and connected than ever. With the easy-to-use SchoolPass Parent app, parents: 
    1. Can easily manage their student’s arrival and dismissal schedules.  
    2. Get complete control over who is allowed to pick up or drop off their children, where they can do so, and when they have access to the school. 
    3. Customize their student’s arrival and dismissal plans, allowing them more time in their own day.  
    4. Have peace of mind knowing that their children are safe and secure, while still having the flexibility to adjust their schedules as needed and seamlessly notify teachers and staff.
  2. School Emergency Communication can be created for any situation, including suspicious visitors, fire drills, and actual emergency events. In the event of an emergency, it’s important for parents to be able to stay informed about what’s happening at their child’s school. With a school emergency alert system, schools can quickly notify parents via text message or email if there is an issue that needs to be addressed. This helps parents feel connected and informed during times of distress.  
  3. Dismissal Automation helps streamline the process of afternoon carline, bus boarding, and after-school activity management. With the SchoolPass Carline Automation module, carlines can be 50% faster. This feature empowers schools with the following:
    1. Drivers can automatically be identified using license plates, RFID tags, or GPS, so school teachers and staff use this real-time ETA-based information to dismiss students from the classroom when their ride arrives.  
    2. Daily bus manifests allow schools to ensure the right students board the buses and parents are notified when buses depart or when delayed.  
    3. After-school activity rosters are used to ensure students attend enrolled activities and for schools to know where students are in case of an emergency at the school.  

In the face of intensifying competition among schools to recruit and maintain students, it is crucial for school administrators to prioritize providing parents with a necessary feeling of reassurance and safety. 

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