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As schools continue to evolve and adapt to new technologies, it’s important to evaluate outdated processes that could be leaving schools open to risk. Here are four processes that are commonly used in schools that can pose risks, and how modern solutions can mitigate those risks.

Paper-based Processes

Many schools still rely heavily on paper-based processes for tasks such as enrollment, permission slips, and emergency contacts. While paper forms can be convenient for some parents and staff, they also present several risks. For example, paper forms can be lost or damaged, making it difficult to access important information when it’s needed. They can also be easily manipulated, making it challenging to verify the accuracy of the data.

Solution: Digital Enrollment and Forms

Switching to digital enrollment and forms can greatly reduce the risks associated with paper-based processes. Digital forms can be securely accessed from anywhere and easily updated, providing real-time visibility into important data. Additionally, digital forms can be set up with mandatory fields, ensuring that all necessary information is collected and eliminating the risk of incomplete forms.

Manual Visitor Management

Schools that rely on manual sign-in and sign-out processes for visitors, students, and staff are at risk for a variety of security issues. These traditional methods lack the ability to capture important information about who is on campus, why they are there, and how long they are staying. Moreover, they can be easily manipulated, leading to unauthorized individuals gaining access to school buildings or events. 

Solution: A comprehensive visitor management system

A modern visitor management system can address these risks by automating the entire process, from pre-registration to check-in and check-out. SchoolPass allows schools to screen visitors against registered sex offender lists, verify identities, and issue badges to ensure that only authorized personnel are on campus. Other features of SchoolPass include customizable forms, emergency notifications, and real-time data analytics, enabling schools to track attendance, visitor patterns, and identify potential security issues. With a modernized visitor management process, schools can enhance the safety and security of their campuses, providing parents, staff, and students with peace of mind.

Traditional Attendance Methods

Taking attendance is a critical part of school operations, but traditional methods such as paper-based attendance sheets can be inefficient and leave schools open to risk. Paper-based attendance sheets can be lost or damaged, making it difficult to track who is on campus and when. Additionally, traditional attendance methods rely on manual data entry, which can lead to errors and discrepancies.

Solution: Automated Attendance Systems

Automated attendance systems offer a more efficient and secure way to take attendance. Using a QR code, barcode, or RFID tag, staff can quickly and accurately monitor student attendance. This not only reduces the risk of errors and discrepancies but also provides real-time, school-wide insight into who is on campus and where they were last located. Innovative systems, like SchoolPass, enable administrators to establish notification rules for instances when students arrive late, leave early, or fail to comply with class attendance.

Lack of Visibility into Who is on Your School Campus

Many schools lack visibility into who and what is on campus at any given time, leaving them vulnerable to security risks. Without a comprehensive system to track visitors, staff, and students, as well as the cars they arrive in, schools may not have the information they need to quickly assess potential threats or respond to emergencies. Furthermore, without an effective system of tracking and monitoring, schools may be unable to identify suspicious activities or verify whether individuals have the appropriate authorization to enter the premises.

Solution: Perimeter Security Systems

Perimeter security systems consisting of cameras, automatic license plate readers (ALPR), access control systems and intruder detection devices offer real-time alertness over vehicles entering the premises while producing essential documentation in cases where immediate action is required. Tools like automated license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras are especially valuable because they provide real-time awareness of every vehicle on your campus and can quickly identify vehicles and their attributes – like make, model color and year – to compare against authorized or restricted lists. 

Schools need to evaluate their existing processes to identify and mitigate risks. Modern solutions such as digital forms, automated attendance systems, and comprehensive visitor management and campus management systems can greatly reduce risks and ensure the safety of students and staff.