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SchoolPass shared “expert tips” on school security webinar with Blackbaud

Security in schools has always been a top priority, but with the rise of acts of violence on school campuses, parents, teachers, and communities are looking for more ways to ensure the safety of our students and faculty.

  • Enhance your knowledge of who is driving on/off your campus –  Schools have hundreds of vehicles driving on/off their campus every day – parents, high-school drivers, vendors, visitors, and staff. Schools unfortunately do not have an easy way to quickly identify “unknown” or “unwanted” vehicles. Leverage best practices and tools to mitigate potential safety risks.
  • Centralize arrival and dismissal instructions – Many schools allow parents to call, email, text and send notes about changes to their student’s schedule (doctor visit, carpool switch, aftercare request). Without a clear and convenient method for communicating student schedule changes, “change communications” can become overly burdensome to your front office. Streamline your communication tools and processes.
  • Make your ‘authorized driver list’ actionable – With most of the schools we work with, we see that manual/offline authorized driver lists are created the first week of school, but are rarely kept up to date and used on a daily basis. Reality is – drivers such as nannies, grandparents, other family members are driving your students home, but are they authorized? Use digital tools to keep authorized driver lists up to date and available.