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Chadwick School’s Bob Rule, recently shared his progressive approach to student safety and risk management at the recent ATLIS conference in Crystal City VA in April 2018. K-12 schools are evolving to an enterprise risk management approach whereby schools are supporting opportunities through calculated risk-taking and good decision-making.

Among all the risks that Chadwick and Bob Rule are facing, student safety is at the top of his list.

Bob Rule stated, ”I wanted to find a security partner that was thinking ahead, helping to identify and mitigate daily risks that Chadwick was facing with arrival and dismissal operations…and SchoolPass was the clear choice”.

At dismissal, Chadwick has over 350 students who are going in all directions – activities, athletics, carline, buses and aftercare. In the past hundreds of emails, phone calls and notes would pour into the front office each day, making changes to student’s dismissal instruction, such as early pick up, changes to/from after-school activities and buses. All of these manual changes led to considerable manual work, risk of errors and confusion at dismissal.

With SchoolPass, parents now have one centralized way, an app on their phone, to make changes to their student’s dismissal schedule. In addition, parents can record absences, so the school knows when a student is not coming to school at all.   All of these changes are automatically consolidated and shared with the front office, teachers and other parents associated with student pick up.

Chadwick has seen a dramatic reduction in frantic calls into the front office, making the experience much better for parents and staff, while saving hundreds of hours of manual work each month. In addition, the front office now knows where every student is scheduled to be which reduces confusion, risk and stress.

Mark Ruiters, SchoolPass’ Founder and CEO said, “We are pleased to be working with Chadwick as they are at the forefront of leveraging technology to address student safety concerns. Bob Rule is helping shape how easy to use tools, such as the SchoolPass platform, can be used by parents, staff and teachers to create a safer K-12 community”.

Going forward Chadwick is assessing the use of license plate cameras to identify vehicles that are coming and going from their campus. They plan to use this information for security purposes, i.e. to flag “unknown” vehicles for additional review. In addition, they plan to incorporate vehicle arrival information by communicating the arrival time of drivers for afternoon pick up straight into the classroom, for an even more efficient dismissal.

Chadwick’s partnership with SchoolPass has helped enhance safety and address one of Chadwick’s top risks.

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