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Dramatically Improve Bus Management

Are you covering the cost of running your buses?

SchoolPass works with schools across the country to implement daily bus capacity management, parent self-service scheduling tools and real-time reporting.   These enhancements allow you to recover more of your bus cost while improving the experience for staff, parents and students.

Our school bus boarding solution tracks all of the seats on your buses and makes this information available via an easy-to-use mobile app, so that parents can make real-time schedule changes for their students, i.e. putting students on or taking students off of a bus, based on school managed ridership rules.   These changes are automatically communicated to the transportation staff, front office, and teachers and updates the bus manifests.  Therefore, you have real-time information about bus utilization, enhancing student safety, boosting revenue and improving overall parent experience.

Here is an example of the SchoolPass mobile app where staff or drivers can check students on or off buses, and can send departure notifications to parents.

Mobile app to manage school bus boardingIn summary:

  • You have real-time scheduling and reporting for bus ridership which allows for efficient bus route planning and management
  • You have ridership records which facilitate accurate billing to increase bus cost recovery
  • You are making students safer, because parents, staff and drivers all know which students are traveling on which buses
  • You have a scheduling and change management system where parents can self-manage their students’ bus ridership, increasing visibility and satisfaction
  • You can enable notifications, so that parents know when their student has boarded and the bus has left the campus, providing helpful communications

Not only will you be able to recover more of your bus management cost, but you will be able to provide better service to your parents, students and staff.

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