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Great news, you can now get even more from your current surveillance camera investment.

With new open License Plate Reader (LPR) standards, SchoolPass has enabled you to connect your license plate data captured by your cameras to dramatically increase your awareness of parents, staff, visitors and student drivers coming and going on your campus.

There are several use cases where you can leverage connected license plate data.  For example:

  • Screening vehicles to proactively identify parents, staff and student drivers
  • Opening gates based on access rules that your control
  • Sending proactive alerts of unknown drivers to security personnel

Imagine a system where you can be alerted when non-custodial parents, expelled high school drivers or fired staff enter your campus. You can now secure your campus 24×7, while allowing authorized drivers to come and go.

In addition to security, you can automate dismissal carlines. When an authorized driver arrives on campus an alert is automatically sent to the classroom through the SchoolPass system. Students know exactly when and where to go, and parent wait times are minimized.

Yes, all of these benefits can be realized when you extend the capabilities of your LPR cameras and connect the relevant driver and student data with your security, front office and classrooms.

Learn more about automated license plate readers.