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COVID-19 has been a unique challenge for schools, to say the least. But, some schools have found success in safely operating through COVID-19. The Lamplighter School in Dallas, TX is an excellent example of a school that has maintained a safe learning environment. Here’s how they did it:

“Our school had always planned on staff and parents completing wellness checks daily, but we did not know how to quickly verify them each morning – before they entered our buildings, said Chief Operations Officer, Marynell Murphy.

SchoolPass made it possible to welcome back our staff and students safely with daily wellness checks and the use of automated license plate recognition (ALPR) cameras. When staff and parents drive onto the campus in the morning, the camera reads the license plate and instantly notifies administrators and nurses if a staff member or a parent/student has not completed their wellness check or if they have failed their wellness check.

Dismissal was the other challenge that COVID-19 threw our way. We needed a way to ensure students were not crowding in pickup areas.

The ALPR cameras automatically add parents to the carline as parents drive onto campus, calculate ETA groups based on the size of our pickup areas, and notify teachers when to send students from their classrooms. Daily changes, managed by parents via the SchoolPass app, are automatically merged into classroom notifications for teachers–making the process seamless and effective for our school.”

By combining a strong process and the SchoolPass platform, the Lamplighter School has been able to maintain a safe learning environment for their entire school community.

And The Lamplighter School isn’t the only school having success with SchoolPass. SchoolPass has prevented over 18,000 students and staff who did not comply with the CDC guidelines from coming onto campus in the first few weeks of reopening alone.

If you’re looking to replicate Lamplighter’s success, check out SchoolPass Campus Wellness. You can conduct wellness checks, automate wellness check verification with ALPR cameras, monitor temperatures, screen bus riders, and facilitate contactless arrival and dismissal processes from a single, easy-to-use platform.

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