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A better, cost efficient way to enhance student safety and campus security 

SchoolPass now offers solar-powered automated license plate recognition (ALPR) camera kits that can be installed anywhere on your campus within hours – with no power or data required! Our solar camera kits eliminate trenching costs and weeks of work, are designed for three-day autonomy (based on your sunlight zone) and each kit can support multiple cameras.

The kits are easily installed, wireless, and come pre-configured with mounting brackets. The solar panels can also be mounted up to 20ft away from the cameras. The cameras can be mounted up to 300 ft away from the plate capture point.

Additional features of the solar-powered kits:

  • Managed, temperature-rated POE switch for easy remote device management
  • Supports point-to-point and point-to-multipoint network configurations
  • Up to 5 mile point-to-point range to your network
  • Powerful wireless backhaul, capable of up to 150 Mbps throughput –  cell/LTE backhaul coming soon!

Learn more about automated license plate recognition.